Winnie goes to the Vet

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Pretty much everyone has met (virtually or in person) our newest family member Winnie. Say hello Winnie (woof woof)! She had her very first vet appointment this week, and I had the wonderful pleasure of taking her. I was actually really looking forward to it, because frankly I love showing off our pets. Everyone loves puppies, and these GSDs (German Shepherds) are just so damn cute!!! Wolfie has had some weird thing going on with his eye, some kind of infection, and it seemed to have flaired up again, so we wanted to take him again. I changed the appointment so they both could go, but I had to go in the middle of the day instead of the end, and Sheila had mandatory classes, so it was just going to be 3 of us.

I ran home from work with enough time to let the dogs out to go potty (yes, I am a dog owner, and we all say "potty" as if they were little children) and get them into the car and go. Fast forward to the vets office... I get out of my car door, run over to the passenger side to get Wolfie out. I should mention this is the 2 door car, which is leather seats, so the whole drive (which is only 5 minutes) they are sliding around the back seat of the car the whole time. This is also only the 2nd time Winnie has been in the car. Needless to say, they were anxious to get out. So I open the door and am trying to get the leash on Wolfie, but he won't stay still, despite my energetic commands. Winnie tries to jump out of the car, so I need to grab her, and Woflie escapes in the meantime. He's running around the parking lot, and not listening to my commands (sense a theme here?). Luckily, some nice people were just coming out of the office and offered to grab Wolfie, but his capture proved elusive. Luckily he wanted to go into the office (does he know what they do in there?), so instead I handed Winnie to these puppy loving bystanders. 

So I finally get a leash on Wolfie, and grab Winnie from the onlookers. I chatted with them for a couple minutes as a recompense for their nice gestures, and because they are also GSD lovers... then Winnie decides she's had enough of being held and leaps from my arms. I forget about Wolfie, and jump forward to catch Winnie, and get enough hands on her to ease her fall to the ground... otherwise I trust our vet visit would have been quite a bit longer and more involved! Naturally, Wolfie gets away. Ok, so I put the leash on Winnie this time so I can control her on the ground, and run to grab Wolfie. Winnie, come.... Winnie, come... Winnie... has no idea how to behave on a leash. Damn! I should have trained her. Well, there's nothing to be done about it now. I kinda just drag her along on the way to Wolfie, who is again at the door. 

So I open the door, and now Winnie is all too eager to move and check out her new environment. The only problem is, she goes left, and Wolfie goes right. Now I'm in a doggie straight jacket, because I'm holding them in the opposite hands. Ok, we do the introductions, blah blah, get them into the exam room, and wait a bit. Wolfie is experienced now, so he's pretty good, but Winnie wants to check everything out. Apparently I caught them at a dead time, because they send in two vets and two assistants. So there's examining going on and ooohing and aaahing, meanwhile I'm trying to control the pets, tell the assistants all about them, and listen to everything the vets are trying to say. Next, the exam is done, and we are trying to get out of there, and the pets are pulling me all over the place while I'm trying to pay. It's just crazy, I'm barely keeping control, and then they are handing me a bunch of medicine and stuff - no bag. Ugh! I'm glad there weren't other dogs in there at the time. I finally get them outside and back in the car, and start heading home, and they are great in the back, quietly laying down. Wait, why is Wolfie so calm? Barf! That's why, he had to vommit! Awesome! 

So that was our visit to the vet. They did great really, i was just frazzled being by myself. They are both puppies, so I don't really expect much from them, and they are just the sweatest, most friendly, best dogs in the world (and there's no convincing me otherwise, so don't even try)! By the way, they were both happy and healthy. Woflie weighs 54 lbs, Winnie is 20 lbs. Wolfie got some ointment for his eye, and they both got some heart worm treatment.

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