Oh no, not again!

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I took Wolfie to the vet this week for his first checkup, and got terrible news. He has a heart murmur, just like his namesake Wolfie 1! Say it isn't so little Wolfman! I was extremely upset after leaving the vet. The Doc said it was a grade 3 murmur, and we should definitely be concerned. Given previous information about Wolfie 1, we should definitely be concerned that there is a strong genetic disposition for heart defects.

I spoke to Lisa, our breeder, and let her know. The Doc said I should definitely tell her to take Zeus, the father, out of the pool, because he's obviously spreading undesirable traits. I don't know, I want to believe her when she says that none of her dogs have ever had any problems, and none of her adoptees have ever reported a puppy with a defect like that. We had Winnie, Buddy, and Maggie all tested, all cleared. How is it possible we get 2 males, both named Wolfie, who have the same issue? Did we curse him by naming him in tribute to our beloved, departed dog?

At this point, we're not going to get him tested further. We have to make the decision if we are going to keep Wolfie, or return him. I'm sure we'll keep him - I just can't see returning him. Wolfie has the other problem with his eye, ear, and tail. The vet said his ear was damaged, but it's just the cartilage, it won't impact the functionality of the ear. There's nothing to be done for it but watch and wait. His eye looks like it physically set back farther than the good one, but again doesn't seem to have any functional problems. We are skeptical about that assessment. His tail lost hair due to the fungus, but the nerves are intact, and the hair should grow back.

As my sister said, he's scrappy, but we love him! Hang in there Scrappy!

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