First rotation

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We just got back from Nepal and there's no time to waste! Sheila left for her first rotation in St Louis. We can't believe this time is finally here! This is the fun part of Med School, if any part of it is truly fun. This is where the students start seeing real, live patients and start administering clinical care. No more studies, no more books... ok, not true. Surprisingly, they still have to take tests at the end of several of the rotations. Ugh!

The first rotation is Emergency Room, and it's actually in O'Fallon, IL, which is probably considered a suburb of St Louis, and is far enough from East St. Louis to be safe. She'll be in a single ER the whole time instead of traveling from place to place. I hate that Sheila has to travel so far from here right off the bat (I'm still mad that rotating in Des Moines doesn't really mean Des Moines). But at least they give her a place to live, and a food stipend. The place is a nice apartment just a few miles from the hospital, that she would share with a roommate, but nobody else is there this month.

It's exciting to get started, but all of us at home can't wait for her to return!

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