Wolfie 2.0

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This weekend we picked up our new puppy, Wolfie 2.0. No, I'm not such a big nerd that that's what we are actually going to call him, we were just having a bit of fun. But we are calling him Wolfie, I guess partially in tribute to our dearly departed friend, Wolfie 1.0. Now Mr 2.0 is not new and improved with retsin, he's not super sized, and he doesn't have micro beads that moisturize and exfoliate. But he certainly is a cute little guy. This whole adventure started shortly after elder Wolfie died. We contacted Lisa our breeder and told her the story. She felt so bad this had happened that she offered us a replacement puppy - no charge. She was under no obligation to do so, though I imagine it's a good business practice.

Weeks of emails and phone calls back and forth yielded a final decision to take one of her male puppies (to maintain the Noah's Ark here at our house) from 1 of 2 recent litters. She had 2 sable males, but we weren't too keen on the sable coloring (http://www.4gsd.net/colours.html). I'd never heard of this sable color, but apparently they have an ever changing coat color. That wouldn't bother me so much as the coat seems to have too much interspersed light hairs in the dark patches. I think it produces a splotchy look, but to each his choice! The bad news with the remaining puppy is he has a couple defects. Actually the story we received was varying, so I was a bit concerned, but we didn't have much of a choice. We like the dogs from this breeder because they have such great personalities, and the quality (except for Woflie) is known to be good. So this new puppy had a damaged ear, which Lisa said was presumably from getting caught in the fence, and she wasn't sure how it was going to affect him long term. Later we found out he also had a problem with his tail. All the hair fell off the tip, probably due to a fungus. Lisa was medicating the area, and had hopes it would clear up.

Upon arriving in Moscow Mills, MO, we met Wolfie 2 right away, and naturally he was as cute as can be... what puppy isn't? Winnie and Wolfie really were best friends right away. Actually, Winnie was more interested in all the other dogs there. I couldn't let her off leash because I was afraid what might happen, especially with overprotective mothers around. In fact, Wolfie and Winnie are full siblings, so Winnie got to meet her Mom. Let's just say the mother-daughter relationship is complicated =) Meanwhile, Winnie was roaming the grounds and Wolfie was following her everywhere. It was a good sign. We stayed for about an hour before leaving. Winnie and Wolfie were absolutely great in the car together. We held Wolfie for a while, but then put him in the back with Winnie. They played very nicely together, and Winnie was deferential to the little guy right away. In fact, we think Wolfie is going to be dominant, because Winnie was letting Wolfie eat from the food bowl first. She didn't growl or force him out of the way. It was weird!

Anyway, we love our new little Wolfgang! And Winnie is glad to have another playmate.

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