Ain't no sunshine when she's gone

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Merry Christmas everyone! I'm a little sad cuz Sheila left for Nepal yesterday. This is rotation #6, and the first elective one. I would say she exhibited a mixture of excitement for the upcoming trip, trepidation on making sure to pack well, and annoyance at having to leave home again. As any of the business travelers out there will know, it's always exciting in the beginning, and get increasingly annoying and tedious at the end, after you've been traveling for a while. As Sheila describes it, any given rotation is exciting the first week as you are learning the ropes, fun the second week as you master the routine and contribute positively, and then you pretty much want to start going home.

So, I guess I'm a bachelor again. It's not so bad really. I get to play xbox all the time, watch whatever I want, not take showers, not do the dishes... eh it's pretty much like that when Sheila is here too =) Med school is like being single again in many respects. You spend a lot of time finding ways to fill your time. I happen to be pretty good at that, but I'd rather spend more time with my wife, and I'm certainly grateful for the fact that 3rd year of medical school is a lot less time consuming. Certainly these away rotations are difficult, especially this one to Nepal where I can't even visit her. But this will be a great experience for her and I'm super happy that she gets to go back and give back as well as she received from this country in the past. Before she was the patient, and now she will be the doctor (student). I'm sure this is a great sense of closure for her.

Well, we'll all miss Sheila while she's away. She's going to miss Wolfie's surgery, and a New Year's kiss from her husband (I'll save it for later). But we love her and wish her a good rotation!

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