I want my baby back baby back baby back...

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Sheila's been gone about a week now. Ok, I'll admit it, I was rather bored this weekend. That never happens! I don't know why it happened this weekend. I think it's because it's so cold outside that I couldn't even tolerate being out there for a minute. Seriously. I guess I kept busy with xbox, web surfing and general nerdy pursuits, adding music to my ipod, babysitting Ooka (friend's dog)... blah blah blah. Yep, I was bored. Damn, I hate it when that happens. Last time I talked to Sheila was on New Years day at 2am. She was wishing me a happy new year though it had been 2010 for her for ~14 hours already.

So she's doing well, albeit cold. Her exact words were "I hate hate hate hate hate hate being cold". I told facebook that, and facebook said, meh. Several people emoted surprise when I said Nepal was cold. You do know that's where Mt Everest is right? Ok, Kathmandu is 1400m (4500 ft), so a little lower than Denver. Right now it's in the 30's at night, and 60's during the day. But you have to remember that the days are still short (a little longer than DSM), the buildings don't have great heating systems (or heat at all), and there are no heated showers... Did you read that? Go back and read it again and then think about getting up in your house each morning to relatively little heat, then taking a cold shower. You never get warm. Add to that the fact that Sheila is from AZ, and has thin blood to start (I've never actually tested this blood theory, though I did accidentally cut her foot once when I dropped a razor on it. It bled a long time... hmmm).

But mostly Sheila is enjoying her rotation there. She's been seeing Parvati quite a bit, who has helped her get around and obtain a space heater. She's been observing surgeries in the hospital, and they've been top notch. We miss her dearly here of course. I represented her at a gathering at Vuong's house for the Eve. We drank, laughed, played games, and then laughed at how everyone played games. I might have come across a bit competitive, which I'm not really, but I do love me some Catch Phrase. Do they have updated version of that game? After you play it for a while, you get to memorize the answers. I remember playing somewhere once for several hours, and we started giving clues like "Remember that answer you gave 2 hours ago?" I was thinking they should make the content downloadable. Oh wait, I have it... I should write an iPhone version... then there would be an app for that (I can't get that stupid phrase out of my head).

Well, cheers everyone, here's to 2010! Happy New Year!

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